Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Metasploit Cheat Sheet

A simple cheat sheet I made in order to remember how to use Metasploit Framework easily.

You can found it here in PDF.

[Edit] : Don't forget to check on Meterpreter Cheat Sheet.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Olimexino Unleashed

Hi !
First blog/topic, about a very interesting demo board : Olimexino-Stm32
This demo board is full good things :

Olimexino-STM32 from Olimex

  • STM32F103RBT6 microcontroller
  • DCDC power supply allow power input voltage from 9 to 30V DC 
  • INDUSTRIAL temperature range -25+85C s
  • ULTRA LOW POWER voltage regulators and the consumption is only few microamps
  • Li-Ion rechargable battery power supply option with BUILD-IN on board charger
  • UEXT connector which allow many existing modules 
  • allow RTC 
  • CAN with driver allows automotive applications
  • micoSD-card for data logging
  • NOISE IMMUNE design
  • Arduino Shape (of course !)
  • A breathtaking price : 19€ !

It comes with the Maple IDE, which looks like Arduino IDE, that you may know. 

If for a reason or an other, you want to use a "regular" IDE for working with the STM32F103RBT6 you have to use an external ARM programmer... I love IAR EW ! And I wanted to fully explore the functions of the STM32F103RBT6. Let's see how...

STM32VL Discovery
The STM32VL Discovery is a cheap (~10€) eval board from STMicroelectronics. This board is compose of an ARM programmer (on the upper side of the board) and a STM32F100RBT6B. A nice review can be found here.

The trick here is to use the STM32VL Discovery programmer (ST-Link) with the Olimexino board.

STM32VL Discovery Documentation

Basicaly, you have to remove 2 jumpers which are on CN3, to disable the STM32F100RBT6B programmation. Then you have to create with 4 wire a connector. This is quite easy on the STM32VL Discovery because the connector is standard : 2,5mm. This task is kind of tricky on the Olimexino board because of the  *$%+  1,27mm connector...

Olimexino SWD Schematic

Only 4 wire, same name in both side, no major issue here. Some pictures of my masterpiece work :

Then, plug-in, install IAR EW, Keil, or whaterver tool you want, and let the magic begins !
Debug, step-by-step, everything work perfectly fine with IAR EW, and its -huge- example code collection.

Always think of plug in both card before flashing the olimexino !

Note : you will loose the ability of using the Maple IDE. You may be able to put it back, but i didn't try to.

You may find here a simple test program that turns on the two leds of the Olimexino board.

Hope you find this useful.


PS : Many thanks to !